"You can help giving back a smile to a child in need and sadness"

Regine Sixt

Regine Sixt Children's Aid Association
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Deutsche Bank Munich
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Key word: "Drying little tears"

Central Africa, Gabun: Lambarene - Projects

In this region children are seen as a burden and so are often sent to work on plantations in early years. Girls are underprivileged and become pregnant early due to lacking education or abuse.

If they don`t have to work, the unloved children are left alone often and urgently need a structured everyday life and a loving upbringing. Such an upbringing gives them a new perspective and enables them to take their future into their own hands. This is why the children and their parents of 8 villages are longingly waiting for the construction of the school, which will also serve as accomodation.

The Regine Sixt Children`s Aid Association will realise this project with your help, save lives with it, improve the children`s living conditions and finally offer them a chance of freedom!