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Regine Sixt

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Tanzania/school for girls

Sister Raphaela / school for girls

As founder of the project, 'Catholic AIDS Action', the Benedictine nun is fighting the dreadful Aids epidemic in Namibia and Tanzania. The children of Africa are particularly dear to Sister Raphaela's heart. Many of them are infected with the Aids virus or have lost their parents through the horrible disease. Her newest project is a girls' school! The quota of illiterate in Tanzania is at 50 percent. Particularly young girls without an education are unable to take up a profession and are easy prey for sexual attacks. Their future is close to Sister Raphaela's heart. The boarding school is planned for 420 girls. Each room is to accommodate 16 girls. A kitchen with a dining room is also to be built. The cooking will be done in big cauldrons over wood fires. The nuns are therefore planting many types of trees which grow quickly. Further plans for the boarding school include a library, housing for the teachers, an assembly room and a sports ground. It is still a great vision as building has just begun. Sister Raphaela has accomplished a great deal through her love and passion, but she requires more assistance. Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe e.V. (Children's Aid Organisation) would like to help and is involved in the building of the girls' school.