"You can help giving back a smile to a child in need and sadness"

Regine Sixt

Regine Sixt Children's Aid Association
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Deutsche Bank Munich
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Key word: "Drying little tears"

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Since 6 years the regine Sixt Children´s Aid Association has been arranging the Kinderwies´n at the Oktoberfest in the line of „Drying little tears“. Every year Regine Sixt invites about 150 children of the Munich cancer station, orphanages in Munich and the Berlin children`s hospice in order to spend some untroubled hours together eating „Hendl“ (roast chicken) and riding the merry-go-round. Supported by the company Continental, Regine Sixt invited children of the oncological station of three children`s hospitals to three different soccer world cup matches in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. Miss Sixt and her sons personally accompanied the young soccer fans, who enthusiasticly watched the matches. Every Christmas Regine Sixt Children's Aid Association makes presents to the children of the cancer stations in Munich and Berlin. This time Miss Regine Sixt enthused the children, whose happiness was written in their faces, together with Michael Ballack and the Mouse from Europapark Rust. This way they were able to forget about theit misery for one moment.